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LV Nails & Spa | Nail salon 67037 | Derby KS

LV Nails & Spa | Nail salon 67037 | Derby KS

It seems like accent nails are everywhere! Accent nails are a great design to be perfectly done at a professional nail salon, without having to worry about paying a high cost for some complicated nail art. It spices up your regular manicure without taking it over the top, because it only involves one or two nails. Remember that any nail can be your accent nail.

Feel free to try out this nail trend and showcase your creativity. Below are 6 best types of accent nail art for you to get inspired in your next manicure.


Neon is very vibrant and will most definitely make your nail pop. The neon colors on all 10 nails is a bit too much. But having this design on your accent nails will be perfect. If you have your other nails a darker tone the accent nail will stand out. I haven’t seen many wear this accent nail art design. Who knows, maybe after you wear this nail look it may start to trend and be more popular.


Make your accent nail stand out by being simple. These accent nails can be your favorite color or a color that may match an outfit. Making your accent nails with a solid design on your pinky finger will be so cute yet elegant. This will make your accent nail anything but basic. Create this look on your own or have it done at any good nail salon near you.